KBR Billet Cylinder Heads

4.600" bore 532 cfm  $7,900.oo(1 set bare)

4.500" bore or larger          Part# B6000-SWC-NA
  Now 521 CFM @ 1.00" w/2.450" intake valve, 1.78" exhaust valve
  Turbo Heads                        Part# B6000-SWC-T
   2.420" intake valve, 1.810" exhaust valve

TO  ORDER  CALL  951-541-4750

Pre-paid by wire transfer, Venmo, or Zelle

Please note:    Heads come with inserts for head-studs installed.

SEATS & GUIDES               $1,950.00
Installed: Bronze int guides, steel exhaust guides with liners, intake seats C630, exhaust seats C172        
Titanium Valves               $2,500.00
Intake and exhaust, complete set

NOTE: Cyliner heads come with inserts, o-rings, surfaced and in protective boxes ready for shipping or pick up.